Kader Sevinç spoke to the Euronews: “Turkey will start over with a clean slate.”

CHP EU Representative Sevinç responded to questions about the elections to be held on June 24 in Turkey. “We are advocating EU reforms for the welfare of our country, “she said.

“For the first time we have a presidential candidate who is talking about the Industry 4.0 in Turkey. This candidate is planning to send tens of thousands of young Turks for masters and doctoral programs to the top universities of the world who would then help in developing our nation.

He also vowes to transform Turkey, a country whose resources are being wasted and consequently hindering it from reaching the status of a fully-functioning productive economy.

In contrast to the government that is spreading ‘anti-European’ messages to the Turkish diaspora in Europe for instance: “not being integrated” and “Europeans being nazis”, he says we are determined to make the required reforms not just for EU membership but for the welfare of our citizens in the first place.

The Republican People’s Party has always put this perspective forward in front of Turkish society. “Now is the right time! Today the nation has given its answer to the question asked by Mr. Erdogan; enough is enough. The nation says, ‘we are bored of you’. Now we hope deep in our hearts that Turkey will start over with a clean slate.”

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Kader Sevinç spoke to the Euronews

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“In the United States, the CHP’s support reaches 85 percent”

When we look at the United States, we see the composition of immigrants from Turkey is quite different compared to the Europe. We see well educated engineers, university graduates or entrepreneurs immigrated from Turkey. The support of CHP reaches to 85 percent in US. And interestingly we observe the same results in the countries with low democracy standarts. For instance countries like Saudi Arabia, Riyadh or Qatar, we see that the CHP also has very high support in votes.

“We will bring a different perspective to the Turkish diaspora”

After that, I hope that we will realise our promises that exist in our party program to the Turkish diaspora, not as an opposition party, but at a ruling party by the will of God and the support of the nation. They will experience a government that treats all of them as equal citizens.

“Our direction is the EU”

We do not support the reforms just because the European Union requires, but because we see that it is the right roadmap for the future of our country and for the welfare of our nation. One of the most important priorities of the CHP is the European Union membership. Our Presidential Candidate Mr Ince in his each and every rally throughout Anatolia emphasises that our goal is EU membership, our method is democracy. Therefore we are a political party of this democratic point of view.

CHP EU Representation

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