This man wants to defeat Erdogan

BILD talked to Muharrem Ince about the current political situation in Turkey, AKP’s 16-year rule, the disastrous economic crisis in the country and his party’s chances.

As a potential new president will you conduct an inquiry into possible offences commited by the AKP?

Ince: “I’m not eager to persecute anyone. That’s the job of the judiciary system, of the attorney generals and the courts. The important thing about it is that the judiciary remains independent. The courts will examine the files and if such offences exist necessary steps must and will be taken.”

During your rallies you often talk about the topic “The Rule of Law”. Do you believe that AKP’s 16-year rule departed Turkey from the rule of law?”

Ince: “The word “departed” does not square with what we are experiencing in Turkey right now. Turkey is already far removed from the rule of law. The judiciary is not a place of justice anymore. Instead, it has become a baton against members of the opposition. Recently, the Hürriyet columnist Ahmet Hakan criticized the artist Baris Atay for his opinion. He then called on me and another presidential candidate (Meral Aksener, editorial note) to reprimand Atay. Police officers arrested Atay after Hürriyet‘s criticism. There are thousands and thousands of these examples.”

For more – Bild

CHP EU Representation

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