CHP News – Opposition parties will use mobile app for election security

Turkey’s main opposition CHP developed an application for mobile devices to track polling clerks and election results for the upcoming elections on Jun. 24, CHP deputy Onursal Adıgüzel told Deutsche Well Turkish on Sunday.

The application named ‘Fair Election Mobilisation’ was developed as a joint project of opposition parties, including CHP, İYİ Party, and the Felicity Party who formed the Nation Alliance for the elections, HDP, other left-wing parties, as well as civil society organisations, which have been organising meetings in Ankara to ensure election safety for some time.

Though CHP developed the application, everyone working on election day will be able to download and use it. The application will give opposition parties the opportunity to join forces to follow election results on Jun. 24.

The mobile application will allow opposition parties to track their polling clerks and a warning signal will be sent to party headquarters when a clerk is missing at a polling station. In case of a problem, polling clerks will be able to reach party headquarters immediately using the application. The polling results of each ballot box will be scanned via the application and sent immediately to party headquarters.

“It is a pity that in the 21st century such an application is needed for elections. There is no such application used in developed countries. As far as I know, a similar one was used in Chile,” Adıgüzel told DW.

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