Presumably, the Turkish daily did not want to anger the government because of the author’s “No” stand in t he Turkish referendum

Hurriyet daily scraped an interview with the novelist Orhan Pamuk that was scheduled for publication on Monday.
Al-Monitor reports that Pamuk confirmed that he had spoken at length with Cansu Camlibel, the newspaper’s Washington correspondent. It appears that the interview was canceled because Pamuk has openly sided with “No” in Turkey forthcoming referendum to consolidate Turkey’s constitutional reforms towards a Presidential democracy with limited control from the Parliament.

Dogan Holding that owns Hurriyet has gradually moved to soften its oppositional stand, firing a prime-time anchor Iran Degirmenci from Kanal D TV, allegedly due to his lack of “neutrality.” Other columnists and journalists with a reputation for being critical of the AKP government have followed.

AKP can no longer count on a “yes” vote, with polls suggesting the vote will be tight. The margin appears close with the most recent survey projecting a 2% margin for a yes vote (43,7% no against 45,7% yes).

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