Erdogan: We declare three month state of emergency

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has declared a three month state of emergency after the July 15 failed coup attempt.

“I went to Marmaris for a vacation. The news came to me about this coup attempt. My brother-in-law informed me first,” Erdoğan told Al Jazeera on July 20.

“I didn’t take it seriously. I didn’t want to believe it first. But then we took the necessary steps after confirming this from intelligence and several other channels. I was with the Energy Minister at the time. We took the necessary steps to leave the hotel. Then we went to Istanbul from Dalaman,” he also said.

Saying that he believed foreign countries might have been involved in the failed coup attempt, Erdoğan declined to name any.

Hürriyet Daily News

About CHP EU Representation

The CHP was founded on 9 September 1923, about one and half month before the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey. The first President of modern Turkey’s oldest party was M. Kemal Atatürk. Today CHP is a social-democratic party, member of the Socialist International and associate member of the Socialist Group at the European Parliament. The scope of the CHP bureau in Brussels is not limited to the bilateral framework of Turkey's EU accession process. Issues such as the information society, energy policies, social development, climate change, international trade and security are among the different focus areas. The EU-Turkey relations are about integration and need multiple, plural and horizontal channels of communication. The CHP supports and promotes Turkey's EU membership process also by being more present and active in Brussels The CHP's Representative to the EU is Ms Kader Sevinç who previously worked as an MEP advisor at the European Parliament and in the private sector.
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